Disclaimer: This poem is not about anyone in particular (and certainly not the people pictured above – that’s just an awesome photo)!  This is just about some patterns and tendencies we all have in various relationships because of the fall.

Pointing out that we are poignantly disappointed
Allowing our hearts to be dissociative and disjointed
Emotionally spent and content to resent
Focusing on flawed frustrations that hint
That we are fallen and broken with every word spoken
As we close hearts and hands once tender and open
If the rift makes us drift, our faces we must lift
To the One who gave Himself as a gift
That He would weaken our desperate desire to be right
And our unforgiving urge to punish and spite
That He would show us still a more excellent way
So we wouldn’t wound one another with the words that we say
That we would gravitate towards a grip on grace
And embrace the mercy traced back to His face


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