Not By Bread Alone

IMG_4880 (1)

You weren’t surprised
By the turmoil inside
You heard my desperate cries
And watched me quake
You say my tears
You’ve kept in jars for all these years
And You were near when all my fears
Kept me awake

The God of rest
Calms this heart inside my chest
When I feel like life’s a test
And I am failing
You lift my head
Remind me of the things You’ve said
And all the burdens that I dread
Now are paling

Not by bread alone
But by the grace that You have shown
The glorious mysteries made known
For us to cherish
I’m taking in
All these words Your friends have penned
About the brokenness You mend
So we won’t perish

I had to be broken
To learn what to put my hope in
And learn these words that You have spoken
I can trust
You make me new
To reflect much more of You
Allowing me to know what’s true
I’m only dust


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