A Thousand Traces


Disclaimer: This poem doesn’t do justice to what’s in my heart, so here is a preface. I love Conroe. Sorry not sorry. I love that I’ve worked for the same principal I had as an elementary student. I love that my mom and grandma also worked for her. I love that I work with several people who grew up with my mom, as well as several people I grew up with. I love going to a Conroe High School football game where I feel like I know everyone, but then I realize my dad knows twice as many people as I do. I love that I could drive these streets with my eyes closed (and may have tried it once or twice). I love that I get to drive over a bridge named after my “Daddy Don” almost every day. I love that people congregate in the grocery store because you always run into someone you know. I love that my childhood/high school/college friends are still my best friends, and many of us ended up back here after UT because we landed our dream jobs. I love that many of the people who attended my parents’ wedding also attended my wedding. I love that our florist was my parents’ florist’s granddaughter, still running the same business. I love that I get to hang out at a lot of the places where my mom and dad spent time as teenagers, but this area is also constantly growing and adapting. My hometown is pretty stinkin’ incredible if you stop to think about it, so that’s what I did today.

Walking the streets that watched me learn who I was
Surrounded by people who showed me what love does
I didn’t choose this simply because
It was easy and safe

It isn’t an easy thing to do
Returning to a place that knows the old you
When maybe you feel a little bit new
With what you learned while away

But while these doubts entice you
Those people will surprise you
And with gentleness advise you
This is not a mistake

The history in these familiar places
The way your heart softens upon seeing those faces
Every day holds a thousand traces
To the reason you can’t stay away

Friendships spanning generations
Fill this city’s population
Teaching us about dedication
Longevity and love

These people still have much to teach you
And perhaps you can encourage them too
Or possibly inspire a younger you
To see the beauty here


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