You’re Never Surprised


That heart swelling feeling is what I live for
When I take a look around at the ones I adore
When my tank feels empty but my heart overflows
When I cry happy tears and don’t care if it shows

It’s the ordinary moments that take me by surprise
When I see someone’s soul through looking in their eyes
When we’re talking late around the table
About how we’re broken, but our God is able

When we’re laughing large in each other’s backyards
And taking the time to write spontaneous cards
When we hold each other to grace, not perfection
But are not afraid to make humble correction

Even when all we can feel is the weight and the ache
And continue to forget the promises You make
When we’re counting up the things You’ve taken away
And foolishly forgetting what Your Word has to say

When everything around us threatens to change
The future is uncertain, confusing and strange
You command us not to worry even about what we will eat
But simply lay our burdens at Your feet

But when we pick up the things we’ve laid at Your feet
And the lies creep in, destructive but discreet
When we wrestle with these struggles that arise
Remind us that You’re never surprised

Remind us that You give and You take away
You’re the Creator of joy as well as dismay
All for the sake of Your holy name
Yesterday, today, and forever the same


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