Showing Up

What if we resolved to just show up
And navigated needs in a practical way
And stopped thinking that presence isn’t enough
When we don’t have the perfect words to say

So many times my intentions are betrayed by my words
So I give up and say “I’m here if you need anything”
But people just want to feel seen, known, and heard
And a heart poured into a meal can mean everything

Because hearts can be spilled in a number of ways
Speaking, cooking, cleaning, and stillness
So why do we waste so many of our days
Holding out for words of unprecedented brilliance?

We need to learn to step into the mess
And strive to muddle through the mundane
It’s time to stop trying to impress
And we have to stop seeking futile fame

It’s time to practice presence and lavishly love
And tuck truth into the hearts of our friends
Let’s be abundantly available when push comes to shove
And whatever they need, be ready to lend

We are rooted and grounded in love for this
A love that is genuine, specific, spontaneous and real
It’s His purpose, His design, and it’s not to be missed
It’s precisely how He created us to feel


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