He’s woven their hearts into mine, all the right people at just the right time

While I’m not a poet by any stretch, it’s no secret that I love reading poetry. I love rhyming poems, cheesy poems, serious poems, poems I don’t understand, long, short, you name it. I’ve always thought poems that don’t rhyme sound more sophisticated. It takes courage to throw out the rules and just write! I, however, love the safety of rhyming words, so my poems always wind up sounding like a 4th grader wrote them. Nevertheless, the incredible people in my life + my insomnia tendencies = a cheesy poem for my once in a blue moon blog post.

Rejoice with those who rejoice
Weep with those who weep
If my loved ones are suffering
I’m losing sleep

Side by side, their struggles become my own
Locking arms as we walk each other Home
I’m finding out what love really is
Giving my life to the ones He’s trusting me with

And seeing the true meaning of bearing another’s load
A concept so beautiful my heart might explode
Because it doesn’t feel like a burden in the least
Without them in my life, I wouldn’t be me

He’s woven their hearts into mine
All the right people at just the right time
I feel our hearts as they entwine
And praise Him for His sovereign design


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